Discover Your Inner Potential and Rock the World

Specifically for high school students,
this life-changing, hands-on workshop transforms participants by teaching them how to access their personal potential and put it into action.


“This is wonderful, could the session be made longer?”

(9th grade boy)


Participants learned:


“about who I want to be.”


“that you can’t go anywhere without being happy with your own self.”


“I need to be more patient and I need to stand up for myself. I also need to cut down on talking too much.”


“decisions change your brain.”


“the difference between being a leader for others and being one for yourself.”


“the amazing power the brain can have over yourself.”


“to be a great leader, you need to have certain things to accomplish for yourself.”


“to embrace and take ownership of myself.”


“each goal I meet is a Rite of Passage.”


Activity Based Fun

Life is meant to be experienced and learning about yourself and your potential should be the most fun you’ve ever had!


Become a Leader to Yourself and Others

You are here to make the world a better place through your words and actions. You have unlimited leadership capacity that is waiting to be unleashed and put to use. During this workshop you will learn how to become a great leader for yourself and others.

Discover Your Purpose

Within you lies a very powerful dream as well as the skills to accomplish it. We will help you discover your unique path and discern where you are being led. Then we will come up with a life plan that includes your educational plan, like college and graduate school, and set personal goals so you know how to bring your dreams to life.


You will:
  • Discover your unique career path

  • Learn how to motivate yourself

  • Develop and practice critical self-management skills

  • Discern your intuition

  • Learn to manifest your dreams

  • Leave with plan of action





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