Don't Become a Zombie

Once upon a time people invented cars and they were happy because they could go places without having to walk. And their world got bigger. They built more cars and roads and they became happier because they were able to see their friends, and together go to fun places whenever they wanted. But cars used gas and gas made people unhappy. The pipes carrying the oil would burst destroying rivers, tankers spilled damaging the oceans, wars even got started and people serving the US died all so people could drive their cars to see their friends. It just wasn’t right. Gas made people and politicians do stupid things and then they turned into zombies. They quit thinking for themselves and listened to leaders who cared more about keeping people dependent on oil. These leaders lined their pockets with money from oil wars. They did not care about keeping the country independent and free. They did not care about being honest. Instead, they fed the country’s addiction like a drug lord making sure their own interests were taken care of. But luckily some forward thinking people didn’t become zombies. They kept thinking for themselves and developed solar panels, wind power, and many other ways to make their cars go and make the country less addicted to oil and gasoline.

They lived happily ever after. Don’t become a zombie or let your friends become one.

Vote for Hillary Clinton today because she supports clean energy development. And this is really important. We’ve got to cut ourselves off from our addiction, not nurture it. Our oil addiction leaves vulnerable to goings on of unstable areas of the world, to pursuing fracking which is killing the land and to making stupid decisions because we are so desperate for our next oil fix.


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