TAP Your Potential: It's about the dream, stupid

I lived in Washington, DC in 1992 when George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton were running against each other for the Presidency. James Carville was Clinton's Campaign Strategist and one of the most colorful characters to ever walk the streets of DC. In case you didn't know, DC is one of the most boring cities in the US - seriously, it's boring. Think C-Span 24/7. Total yawn fest. In many ways, Carville was a welcome sight no matter how you felt about politics simply because he gave one the opportunity to wonder about important things like whether he had washed his underwear that week. Known for saying audacious things, "It's about the economy, stupid," was one of Carville's most famous lines from the 1992 election. Carville left this statement on the campaign strategy board as a reminder to everyone that the Bush campaign was focused on the wrong agenda. Clinton won, in part, because he focused his message on the nation's economy. Carville then went on to marry Mary Matlin, Bush's Campaign Strategist and together they have two daughters proving that people with opposing views really can get along if they so choose.

It's about your dream, stupid... Your life should be about pursuing your big dream. If you don't have a big dream that is okay, just pick something really amazing and audacious that you think would be great fun to do. This should be the agenda for your life; it is how you win.

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