TAP Your Potential: How to Tap Your Intuition

Within you is a fabulous Inner Guru that can give direction, detect b.s., and know when something is "right" for you. Leaders rely on their Inner Guru to make business decisions, scientists use it to make discoveries, musicians engage it to create music, and you can rely on it too. Your Inner Guru is your intuition. The good news is everyone has it. The bad news is ... well, there are a few things worth noting: 1. Not everyone listens to their intuition and 2. Even those who are listening can find its promptings hard to discern.

I rely heavily on my intuition in my work coaching clients. My intuition lets me know if we are on the right track to reaching a client's personal and professional goals. It can also prompt me down an unexpected path and help me uncover what is really bothering someone. This is very important because none of us can manifest our full potential if we have unresolved antimatter dithering around in our brains. Antimatter takes up too much RAM space and, let's be honest, most of us need all the RAM space we can get. And, frankly, intuition is also helpful in coaching around college admissions and essays.

Think of intuition as that which connects us all to each other as well as to Universal Energy... It's cool stuff and super fun to work with once you start learning how to discern the messages. (As far as I know, no one has completely figured this whole discernment thing out yet.) Developing your intuition simply requires a desire to do so and a willingness to listen closely to yourself. Much like a muscle, if you keep exercising it, you will only get stronger.

Here are three ways you can connect with your own Inner Guru and develop your intuition:

1. Send love to everyone, and yes, I do mean everyone - even Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. You don't have to do any more than that, and you can do it silently so no one else has to know. The reason for this action is because when you approach a person with love in your heart towards them, it opens you up. Everyone is here to learn lessons, and remaining judgement-free about others' decisions allows you to come from a place of unconditional acceptance. It also allows you to accept yourself unconditionally. If you have judgement in your heart about others it shuts out your ability to connect. Sending love does not mean that you turn off your rational brain. Just because you send love to the fox doesn't mean you leave it to guard the hen house. It is possible to send love to people whom you can't stand - though, I will admit from my own experience, it is not easy.

2. Listen to your own inner promptings. Listen to your gut, your heart, your body, and your imagination. Listen closely and ask questions. Do you get chills sometimes when someone is talking or an Adele song comes on the radio? Chills are a HUGE sign that you are connecting to a deeper truth. If you don't know what caused the chills as your Inner Guru for clarification. Stay in that space as long as you can and actively try to communicate. Your Inner Guru will find a way to answer. When it happens, send up thoughts of appreciation and tell the Universe you want more experiences like it!

3. Pay attention to your dreams. Neither intuition or dreams are limited by language. They can both communicate through the expansive world of the imagination and feelings. Day dreams are as important as night dreams. To decode your dreams see if your Inner Guru is using metaphors. They often do. Terms like "I'm on cloud nine" or "I'm being driven up a wall" come from this metaphorical language. My intuition frequently utilizes gymnastics metaphors which is funny because I have never been a gymnast. Nonetheless, images of balance beams and uneven bars will pop up in my mind's eye from time to time. My friend, Beverly, gets images of Jesus break-dancing when good things are about to happen for her.

You may not get pictures in your mind's eye which is a form of visual intuition; instead, your intuition may manifest a totally different way. Intuition comes through all the senses including physical sensations like chills or gut feelings. Those with auditory intuition may hear certain songs related to what they are thinking about or an inner voice may be present. Emotional Intuitives can have a certain way of "knowing" and pick up on other's emotions. Most Inner Gurus use a combination of these methods to get their message out. When you feel your Inner Guru making a connection milk those moments as long as your can. Your Inner Guru has your highest good in mind and is the best life coach ever!

Today's TAP Into Your Potential Method: This week joyfully play with your intuition. Send appreciation to your Inner Guru and make it feel welcome in your life.

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