TAP Your 

Leadership Potential

Our capstone course is for anyone who wants to be a better leader.  Not only will you discover your strengths and areas of growth, you will learn and practice powerful strategies so you can lead in a way that others will follow.

Effective Communication

Nothing is powerful than people who can get their point across clearly.  Whether communicating a company directive or redirecting an employee, this program will turn you into a master communicator. 

Productivity and Goal Setting

Living to your highest potential requires managing your time and resources so you have abundant energy to pursue both your professional and personal goals. We enhance your natural organizational tendencies with practical strategies so that you effortlessly become more productive.

Diversity Experiences

In our program we bring in people of different backgrounds to share their insights as well as provide actionable strategies for working together more cohesively. 


Getting away from your current setting allows a new and fresh perspective to emerge. We will bring your staff together and facilitate a productive, enjoyable experience. 

Career Transitions

Sometimes things do not go as planned and your wonderful employees have to find another place to work.  Our one day Career Transitions program gives them an opportunity to take a proactive and positive approach to the upcoming change.

Professional Image

People want to know what you can do for them and first impressions are crucial.  They hire you based on your appearance, how you speak, what you say, and how you present yourself. The most successful people in every field have image coaches to help them reach the next level. Isn't it time you do too?

Team Building

A well-functioning team regularly exceeds expectations.  At TAP we diagnose the team challenges and create an environment of cooperation and productivity.