Discover Your Inner Potential 

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Are you ready to leave the stress behind and 
own your amazing potential and power?  



Life coaching is life changing because it connects you with your purpose and passion. You have so much to offer the world that no one else can provide and there is nothing like knowing what that thing is and having a plan on how to do it. 


Our life coaching program is different than anything else out there because we focus on both personal wellness as well as connecting to one's passion. 

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Our coaching encompasses:

  • self-leadership

  • confidence building

  • managing stress and anxiety

  • self-management

  • creating a work/life balance 

  • self-discovery 

  • leveling up

We work one-on-one with clients to help them get to know themselves as well as to be able to articulate their strengths and identify what makes them happy. 

Who is a good candidate for life coaching? 

  • Individuals who are feeling a bit lost as to what to do next

  • People who are ready to move forward with their lives 

  • People who are interested in self-reflection and learning more about their unique path

 Cost is $325 per hour 
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